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Norscot for Low Energy Kit Homes

The terms, ‘low energy house’, ‘low carbon house’, ‘eco-house’ and 'green building' are increasingly used by architects and house designers. This reflects the radical changes that are occurring in the way buildings are being designed and constructed to reduce environmental impact. 

As the building regulations demand more energy efficiency in houses, low energy house technologies become more important. A low energy house will provide thermal comfort, healthy living, lower heating costs and a high degree of user satisfaction.

A low energy house used to be defined as a house whose energy consumption was at a level below that demanded by current building standards. The Code for Sustainable Homes and Building Regulations are now demanding much more stringent standards of energy efficiency for all new-build houses, making them all low energy houses.

In contrast to masonry construction, timber frame kit homes result in relatively low thermal capacity and consequently the building envelope can heat up very quickly. In a house, where heating is intermittent, this fast response can result in increased comfort and energy saving.

Timber is a natural material and requires minimal energy to process it into construction materials. During its growth, timber absorbs carbon dioxide and stores the carbon in its cellular fibres. When it is finally burnt or rots away it releases an equal amount of carbon to the carbon it has already absorbed, making it carbon neutral.

Norscot timber frame kit homes offer even greater advantages over masonry construction because they provide much thicker insulation in the external walls.

A cavity is not always necessary in timber frame kit home construction so long as an appropriate vapour control layer is incorporated on the warm side (in winter) of the insulation. Norscot timber frame kit homes achieve U-values significantly higher than the minimums required by current Building Regulations.

For further information on low energy kit homes visit: www.lowenergyhouse.com

Why Choose Norscot?

There can be little doubt Norscot has stood the test of time. This means customers can expect products which are “fit for purpose” and a reliable service. They can also have total confidence in the comprehensive guarantees offered by the company.